Panther on the prowl !

Many a poem has been written in rapt fascination of, many a book has been printed full of praise and exclamations for, many a song or music piece composed that tried to emulate… the grace of the feline being in movement. Yeah, for centuries -millennia even- the human has ever been fascinated by the unearthly grace of the lithe creature that moves so purposefully menacing yet with such amazing fluidity, an animal of ultimate beauty and merciless death at the same time, that could so easily change from murderous intent to ultimate hedonistic pleasure-seeking. No wonder ancient people sought to worship cats as gods, and some do to this day still, with many a temple devoted to the poetry in motion that is the divine feline and often a human devotee trying to acquire some of the feline characteristics he so admires. Think we have stopped the worship in these “modern times” ? Why then is a beautiful woman often compared with a cat, and do we call a certain female sexy attire a cat-suit ? Why does a woman make her eyes up to look like a cat’s and why does a man covet a car named after one ?

Then there is the popularity of cats in the simian households. It’s no secret that cats are slowly surpassing the canines as most common household pets. Humans are still fascinated by the beauty of the beast and many cannot help but stare in loving wonder at their own personal little tiger in the house. We imagine we have invited a piece of the jungle into our domestic abodes, living the dangerous life don’t you know, that’s a dangerous predator and he’s spinning right here on my lap. But all we’ve really done was inviting an already independent creature to take up residence in a palace where every wish will be seen to with the swiftest dispatch and abundant luxury is guaranteed. We think we took in The Wild Jungle, the feline knows he’s moved in with the servants.

It does not matter though. What the cat gives us in return for his food and lodging is an endless show of extremely good quality. We follow his movements as he goes about his business and are enraptured by the effortless grace with which he patrols his domain. The exquisite lithe movements of those well-toned muscles turn an already ultra-agile body into a mobile masterpiece. With every step the feline takes we behold poetry in motion.
Bean Sidhe perches on top of the workshed in the Garden of Chaos. His anxious little furry face turned towards the simian denizens of the House of Chaos bespeaks of an inner anguish, punctuated by the pathetic little “merw” he emits. He looks at us, then down, then at us again, paws hesitating at the edge of the rooftop. Clearly he is in some kind of dire distress, and clearly the simians are enjoying the view. The Kitten From Hell, who usually ambles through life with supreme confidence, has vertigo – fear of heights.
With no help or mercy forthcoming from the simians the hapless kitten has no choice but to find his own way down. A questing paw slides slowly downwards, another follows while the furry body is perched on the edge of the rooftop, then a decision is made and mighty thews spring as Bean Sidhe slides downwards into a controlled crash-landing. He makes it to the ground with a resounding THUD and then ambles off towards the Kitchen of Chaos and the feeding bowls with angry tail held high in righteous indignation over the appalling lack of simian support and respect for his august person. He hates it when we roll over the floor laughing.

Zorro wakes up. It is a sight to behold really. One rarely has the opportunity to observe how a lean mean supreme killing machine springs into razor-sharp readiness from drowsy slumber in one fluid moment: his hitherto completely relaxed body somehow un-relaxes in an instant just before he opens the blazing slits of his eyes, his ears swivel with quiet efficacy, his talons un-flex for a moment during a short examination of his equipment’s readiness check-list, then slid back, his body uncoils and he stretches with the most menacing back-stretch I ever had the pleasure of seeing done by a member of the feline persuasion, and finally he stands there… poised for mayhem, ready to tackle the day and seize it by the jugular. He takes a step forwards and… bumps head-first into a chair.

Loup-Garou is exciting when he walks… the calm graceful movements belie the powerful muscles and lightning-fast reflexes underneath a glorious black pelt. He is also absolutely stunning when you observe him during his genteel repose in the nourishing sun. Seldom has a feline exhibited such grace in the simple art of lying there. Rarely has beauty taken such a simple form and purposeful poise been enacted in such splendid inactivity. But when he wakes up and groggily makes his way over to the nearest simian lap the aplomb with which he flaps down his august romp is simply earth-shattering. Claws hook into available surfaces for grip and traction, the body flops down onto the coveted spot then gently flows into the nooks and crannies it finds, and in the end the cat lies comfortably and securely -supremely indifferent to the havoc he caused- on a cringing human. You should see it to believe it I guess. Regular visitors of the House of Chaos have learned to tense with anxious anticipation when the black panther is on the prowl. His quarry is laps and his methods are torturous. Yet, can you resist his pleading eyes and pathetic “iew” ?

Picture below: Yea, I know I’m beautiful but can you help me down please ?

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  1. Bad Kitty Cats Says:

    Oh what a great House Kitty Picture! Purrs

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