What House ?

I’ve always fancied that my house should be what we call in Flemish “den zoeten inval”. It roughly translates as “everybody’s welcome anytime”, it literally means “the sweet come-in”, and it is often the name of a bar in Belgium. I’m sure you can imagine why. But over the years I have seemed to develop a home that could only be described as “chaotic”, hence it became known as the “House of Chaos”. People are welcome anytime, it’s just that this include furry people too, and the resulting household more often than not tends to be rather… chaotic.
It’s fun though.

Surfing on the ‘net I stumbled upon this little gem: Meet your Match, it is a test to see what kind of felines would match your kind of household. Needless to say the House of Chaos tested as “green” and the cats that would be most appropriate to live here would be the types known as “leader of the band”, “party animal”, and “most valuable pussycat”. It figures that the most boisterous kinds of cats would feel themselves really at home in my place !

But that’s fine with me. I’ve read the descriptions of the “red” and “orange” households and frankly they seem absolutely boring to me. Those cat types would be sooo out of place in the House of Chaos ! And the descriptions of the cat types who do belong here seem to match perfectly with the current feline residents… Both of the Brothers would certainly qualify as “most valuable pussycat” (are in fact actively campaigning for the coveted title), Bean Sidhe is indeed “leader of the band” and Hrimnir -even at his tender age- is quickly developing into the biggest “party animal” I’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting. We’re unsure about what the party is about though. But the place is definitely the House of Chaos and the fun is definitely his to be had. Not that he isn’t generous at spreading said fun around, mind you, but it can be exasperating when we all want to sleep and that little purr-clear reactor is doing overtime.

The House of Chaos doesn’t really at first sight seem to be cat-friendly… you enter the House and instead of finding yourself in a cozy living-room filled with plush love-seats and soft cushions you are smack in the middle of a hobby-den/ workplace with a lathe, a mill, a saw, and all kinds of other various tools and toolboxes stacked up in cupboards, on shelves, on top of each other… It’s only when you progress further into the House that you can spot a forlorn couch somewhere in the vicinity of the computers and bookshelves in the next room. We’re big on books in the House of Chaos. The TV-set has been kicked out years ago and books are simply everywhere. But that single hapless couch, yep, that’s where most of the feline activity takes place whenever it’s raining or too cold outside. Progress a bit further and you enter the Kitchen of Chaos, where all kinds of delicious goodies are stored and prepared for the gastronomic enthusiasts to sample.

Then you pass through the veranda, where the laundry is done, and at last you enter the Garden of Chaos. Oh wait, since last week the Garden has a roof. A lean-too has been constructed because Grumpy Man and The Lord Of Toys have run out of space in the living-room to construct their fighting robots in. They now do it in the Garden. Which has been split in half: one green for the Mistress to relax and the feline denizens to cavort in, one barren with the lean-to for the men to happily tinker underneath. <sigh> Grumpy Man has been musing about extending the lean-to but the Mistress has firmly put her foot on that thought. He has also been thinking about installing a yacuzzi, but that idea as well has been agressively stomped on. And some of the feet doing the stomping had fur on them too. The Mistress wants her garden, the cats need their cat-mint and playground. End of line. Very definitely and most emphatically period.

During the week the House of Chaos tends to be an oasis of rest. The denizens all have their preferred genteel daily activities: Grumpy Man sleeps and tinkers a bit, the Mistress reads, writes or paints and Bouncing Psycho is off to work. Loup-Garou sleeps, Bean Sidhe eats and Zorro is off into some mischief. Rhimnir, being the newcomer, has yet to establish his favorite day-time occupation but you can bet on him trying everything out at once and at the same time too. In between naps that is. Hrimnir is a furious napper.

Yet during the week-ends more often than not there are visitors, usually for building fighting robots, but sometimes just friends for a cozy get-together. All of them adore the feline denizens and render proper homage to the true Masters of the House. Some even bring presents for our furry friends. And all are willing victims of Loup-Garou’s fetish about laps and naps. When the weather is fair the preferred location to gather in is the Garden of Chaos, with a few chairs and some booze, maybe a candle when it’s getting dark. Otherwise we all sit in the Computer room, have a computer or laptop running, or are reading and talking and boozing. The furry denizens for their part usually take up positions that allow them to make use of the temporary extra hands and laps, and are begging to no end for anyone to fill their feeding bowls to overflowing. Again.

The simian denizens usually dine out, but otherwise the Mistress cooks up some delicious titbits for all to sample where ever they’re sitting. We firmly believe in bringing out only the best for our guests but a dining table has no place in the House of Chaos. It would only attract tools and parts of fighting robots anyway. And napping cats.

Maybe we do have a non-conformist household, but it’s a happy household where everybody can expand his and her talents to the full. Be they simian or feline.

Picture below:
And we have our very own resident biological kibbles-fueled can-opener too…

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Would he be permitted to board the Friday Ark ? He’d punch through the hull for sure… But if you want to look around inside some more interesting feline-infested households you’d better start clicking.

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