Tummy Tuesday

It’s more or less Zorro’s Week and thus we have another fine exhibition of his lush tummy…

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He’s clearly enjoying the attention. You should have seen the other 20 or so pictures I took of him that moment… he was all Diva !

Alas, he has hurt his front left paw last weekend and needs some purrayurs, although the wound seems to be healing nicely now it is still thick and sore and he has lately been seeking more loving because of the discomfort. But I’m sure he has some furriends out there who would spare a kind thought for him ? He’ll not say so outright, you know how mega-grumpy he is, but he’ll appreciate it.

Every Tuesday at LisaViolet’s Dairy we can admire other tummies, some may be as splendid as Zorro’s but he challenges you to doubt that. Shall we go and see ?

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3 Responses to “Tummy Tuesday”

  1. Cats~Goats~Quotes Says:

    Sending Zorro lots and lots of healing thoughts and gentle head bonks!
    Hope he’s all well very soon!

    ~ Napoleon

  2. lisa Says:

    Aww! Get better quick Zorro! Lots of love and purrs from me and Siofra.

  3. Mog Says:

    With seven kitties here, we will send lots of purrayurs or purrs Zorro’s way.

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