Are cats greedy ? Do they even know the meaning of the word ? I guess they just see things differently than us hapless simians who obviously don’t have the same priorities than any self-respecting feline. And face it, we will never be able to even aspire to the same rarified heights of ultimate hedonism as our feline overlords. They, after all, do have their priorities right and in fine working order !

Yet, from a simian’s point of view, cats are wont to display a certain level of greed when confronted with something they want, be it food, milk, treats or anything you’re in the process of ingesting. The voracity with which they make their wishes as on the subject clear is appalling and doubtlessly the dreaded “swipe and swallow” has been more often executed with shameless success and obvious glee than we simians like. Cats, like every predator, like a successful hunt. They also like to gloat about their prowess.

Hence, it is not without surprise that The Mistress has to fend off a certain kitten when she is having breakfast consisting of a very yummy slice of roastbeef on a slice of bread. It is, however, with speechless amazement that she observes how Hrimnir not only manages to shoulder Zorro aside at the feeding bowls, but even gets away with it unscathed and unretaliated. Zorro, for what may perhaps be the first time in his 9 years of life, has been sent walking. The sheer tenacity with which little Hrimnir manages to hoard the grub all to himself is a wonder to behold.

Observe how he does it: the bigger cat is blissfully munching away and suddenly he finds the tyke’s furry little head between his mouth and the food. Next tiny paws batter him unceremoniously and relentlessly aside. If he hasn’t gotten the message by now the entire small body follows and no way he’s ever going to be able to connect with the grub again because said tiny form is busy shoveling it whilst dancing in the rest. In his own cute kitten-ish way Hrimnir is rather ruthless.

Yet the simian denizens of the House of Chaos too fall prey to the youngster’s voracious appetite and complete lack of polite and social manners. The Mistress has to fight for her daily morning mug of milk, literally forced to swat the tyke away who keeps coming back again and again and again. Preparing dinner is accompanied by a steady chorus of the kitten’s own version of “WANT”, something he insists on performing on top of his voice and in endless repetition, during which he energetically paces to and fro with the clear intention of causing The Mistress to trip and drop whatever juicy morsels she happens to be handling. Having dinner is an adventure in itself, with Hrimnir masterfully perfecting the accusing hungry stare whilst simultaneously swiping for the odd titbit.

I knew bringing that kitten into the House of Chaos was going to liven things up a bit. But I never would have thought I would have been able to locate the perfect brother for Bean Sidhe who eats anything even remotely edible whatsoever. Appetite, meet Gusto.

(Bean Sidhe, by the way, managed to steal some of my medication yesterday and tried to eat it. Fortunately he decided that the taste of my stomach medication was too horrible before he tried the very strong painkiller I must take in order to be able to get out of my bed and function at some level. I must be more careful. It could have killed him.)

Picture below: this is what happens when I have my mug of milk. You can see the bottom of the mug in the far left corner. And yes, those tiny itty-bitty claws are in fact as sharp as they look.

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It’s Friday again and that means we can all visit the Friday Ark in order to plunder the buffet and have some fun.

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