Wordless Wednesday

This one warrants an explanation… it’s a feral tomcat that lives where the Strong Woman Of Flanders has her abode. There were 2 tribes of feral cats there, I call them the Carious Tribes, but they have been ravaged by disease and round-ups/cullings. This tom, though, clearly prospers. I had to be real quick, for he was skittish and furtive.

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After he retreated behind the gate I was permitted a close-up. Marvellous dignity !!!

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I will be writing about them on Thursday.

Please visit Wordless Wednesday for more wonderful views of this magnificent world we live in.

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8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Daisy Says:

    whoa! those eyes!
    btw, belate happy birthday! 🙂

  2. Nicole Says:

    Too cute!!!! happy ww!

  3. Bevson Says:

    He is not too happy in the top shot, but gorgeous in the lighting of the bottom one. Feral cats are a problem the world around. All 4 of mine are rescues.

  4. Babeth Says:

    Yes. As soon as he was in the safety of having that gate between himself and me he turned around and just sat there, like a king on his throne. Gotta love that tom !
    He’s the one who walked into my mothers abode last spring too. With Grumpy Man, my mother and me sitting in the living room he just strolled in through the open door, looking for a bite. Well… we were munching on a pile of dried ham so he had a good reason. 😉

  5. Cassie Says:

    What a handsome cat! And amazing that he was still enough for you to get such a great picture!

  6. Matthew James Didier Says:

    There’s something so amazing about feral cats… that odd “They Look Like Fluffy Cuddlies” but the knowledge that they are amazing hunters and survivors… amazing images!

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