A joyful gathering

Last Wednesday the Mistress dragged herself from her bed, only to be greeted by an enthusiast Grumpy Man exclaiming that she should come out into the Garden of Chaos and not forget her camera. As I rushed out the first thing I beheld was his huge beaming smile. And cradling gently in his arms he held a tiny kitten… huge terrified orbs gazing into mine. I thought at first “oh Knarr came back”, but this kitling was black and white. And clearly female to boot. So, this is not Knarr (or Blacky as his owners call him). Who is it then ? Good question. Who had a litter recently ? Neighbours twice removed from Knarr’s, that we knew for sure. But You-Ling, belonging to one of our Moroccan neighbours had kittens this spring too. It remains a mystery, though Grumpy Man confessed he had plucked the tyke from the fence separating the Garden of Chaos from that of the Macedonian neighbours. Thus, the only clue we have seems to lead to the direction of Knarr’s neighbours.

The new kitling was gently set on the ground and introduced to Hrimnir, who with great whoops of joy immediately set to … spray. Oh no. He executed the most impressive tomcat spray I’ve ever witnessed from a cat so tiny but fortunately against a fence, not in da House. But he sure was très exhibitionist about it. Our little boy is growing up. *sniff* Only afterwards did he set out to frolic with the newcomer, who demurely set to exploring the Garden and tried to enter the House, yet thought better of it and retreated to the relative safety of the Garden once more. The fact that Zorro had been approaching her with an ominous hummmm softly thrumming in the background must have been a reason for it.

We heard some frantic mewing coming from behind the fence that forms the back of the Garden of Chaos. Grumpy Man smiled “that must be Knarr, he’s coming”. And not before long another kitten made his way towards us, but… this time white and black. Nope, it wasn’t Knarr, but what clearly must be a sibling of that endearing little black and white she-kitten which yet doth presently adorn the Garden of Chaos with her sweet innocent presence. The sibling was calling out to her and not before long she was scrambling up the fence to reach him. It seems that the kittens have discovered the Cat’s Highway: the high wooden fence that separates our garden from that of our Macedonian neighbours and that all neighbour cats negotiate in order to reach the rooftops of our row of houses.

Hrimnir was clearly delighted to have new friends to play with but Bean Sidhe didn’t know how hard to run away. Yet later on we saw him frolicking with Hrimnir whilst pointedly ignoring the two other tykes. And just to make certain we wouldn’t bother them they were playing in the Macedonians’ garden. The Mistress had to overcome her vertigo and climb a ladder in order to be able to record their antics for posterity ! Ah, what I not sacrifice for my art !!

It was a joy to behold the frolicking felines tumbling all over the place and each other. The sounds they made, the mews, chirrups, yips, growls and screeches, it was like music to my ears. And all along a dignified Loup-Garou was lying flat-out soaking up sun-rays on the chair box (in which we keep our garden chairs) for all the world to admire. Not for him the exercise in the hot September sun. Not for him having his tail chewed up and his whiskers deranged. The kitlings were wise to let him be. In his own way he can be just as grumpy and disgruntled as his famous murderous sibling Zorro.

Alas, the fun soon ended, the kitlings retired back towards their home, and Bean Sidhe slinked off in order to find some much deserved rest on a sunny secluded spot. Hrimnir, though, poor little Hrimnir was left all alone in the Garden of Chaos, frantically calling out to his new-found playmates already gone. His mews and purr-iews pathetically resounding from the fences and walls. That was one seriously forlorn kitty there and we felt pity for his broken heart. But what can you do ? That’s life.

When next I spent the entire Friday afternoon in the Garden of Chaos, due to another fumigation of the House (those pesky jumpers prove to be quite resilient !!), and was reading peacefully from a nice book with lovely pictures, I heard a mew. Coming from above me. Since Hrimnir was certainly NOT above me, I spotted him on a roof nearby, I looked up and gazed straight into the sparkling little orbs of… the black and white she-kitten. Mmmm, such enchanting eyes. She wanted to come down from the top of the lean-to but dared not. Hrimnir, with a joyful chirrup, bounced over and proceeded to show her the tricks of the trade as to regarding the negotiation of rooftops and lean-tos. The next 20 minutes were spent in my rapt fascination with the drumming of tiny kittens’ paws happily pattering all over on the lean-to roof.
Is there a more joyful sound in the world ?

Pictures below:
Grumpy Man with the black and white she-kitten. She wasn’t really … trusting him, was she ? More like… “lemme out !!”

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In the Macedonians’ garden all of our kittens were frolicking merrily. Black and white she-kitten and her sibling white and black kitten were looking at the two others goofing off. Note that Bean Sidhe is only a year older than the 3 others… but 3 times as big.

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They could make a fortune giving a show at the Carnival of the Cats, if the cats were of a mind of paying for it…but they’ll be visiting it anyway. It’s fun. Especially because the House of the(Mostly) Black Cats is hosting it this Sunday ! Treats people !!! MANY TREATS are to be had there !!! YUM !!!

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  1. Parker Says:

    A good time had by all kitties! Hooray!

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