Sui Generis

Sui Generis: (SOO-ee JEN-er-is): “Of its own genus,” or “Unique and unable to classify”

Each and every one of the feline denizens that have ever graced the House of Chaos with their august presence has been a case in itself, an individual with his own specific character, a person with his own very personal habits. Although all were and are members of the Felis silvestris catus species, and their interior make-up must hence be identical, their exteriors have always been varied enough as they came and come in all shapes and sizes. And colours. And voices.
And characters.

Of course, every cat is a supreme specimen of the species. It seems as if they all were conceived from this blueprint that says they have to be haughty, individualist, independent, self-reliant, self-centered, egotistical and whatnot. But they also come pre-programmed to be the ultimate hedonists, to seek out sunny spots to soak up those life-giving sunrays up on, to dine only on the best of the prey, and to recline in ultimate majesty on whatever perch or in whatever hiding place they can claim. But each and every feline manages to do this in his or her own characteristic personal über-individualist way and with excellent poise to boot. Even when they live in a group together, even though they may sometimes by circumstance be compelled to act together, you will still find that each and every one of them will do so in his own unique fashion. They may seem to move the same but believe me, everyone would rather be found dead than admit he didn’t do it his way.

So far I have never been able to classify more than one of the feline denizens of the House of Chaos into a group. They all have a special place in my heart and all with their own typical voices, yet to say that two or more of them were similar ? Not even Rhuarhi and Rhuarhuss, both ginger cats but not related, were even remotely the same. Or Rabauw and Ragnar who were siblings that looked remarkably the same, safe for the fact that a black spot under Rabauw’s nose would go to the left cheek and the same black spot under Ragnar’s nose would go to the right cheek. Rabauw was outgoing, an adventurer, a prankster. Ragnar was a home-boy, a bit shy and quickly content to snuggle down. Siblings and with the same body-markings they were however individuals and it showed. I daresay none of my feline babies could be pasted with the same label as one of the others. They were all “one of a kind” and I cherish the memories, whilst cherishing the present ones’ presence even more.

Loup-Garou and Zorro are siblings, they are black and white (yes, Loup-Garou does have 30 or so white hairs on his chest…), are of the male persuasion, and there all similarity ends. Zorro has ever been the more slender one, but with a solid face. Loup-Garou was born svelte yet his face is a delicate triangle. Zorro emits the manly “MOW” he is both famous and infamous for, Loup-Garou is the source of the pathetic “iew” that has melted many a simian heart. Zorro is cunning, sly, demanding and downright brutal, Loup-Garou is far more patient, persisting, pestering and downright getting his own way without exerting himself too much. It’s hard to believe they are related, let alone be siblings.

Bean Sidhe is a law unto himself. I mean, he’s a brand new natural law all by himself. Do you think he would have inherited his mothers lustrous Maine Coon coat and bushy tail ? Nope. But he has the most furred body I’ve ever seen or touched and this purring teddy-bear has stunned many a hapless visitor by the sheer mass of his form. You wouldn’t think from observing his easy effortless gait that this monster weighs 4,5 kilos. And him being only 17 months old !!! Yup, he did inherit his mothers mass. He also inherited the typical Maine Coon cheery character and the thrilling chirrup with which he is wont to greet you when he wants something is a wonder to hear. You wouldn’t think that out of a being that massively built such a sweet high note would erupt, yet it does. He defies several natural laws that one. But one thing he dare not defy and that is gravity.
This kitty suffers from vertigo. Or more correctly acrophobia or fear of heights.

Hrimnir, the newcomer, is still eking out his place in the House but one can already discern certain characteristics that make him so endearingly different from the others. Like Bean Sidhe he spurns the more obvious traits of his mother’s inheritance, in this case a Norwegian Forest Cat, which should have been a lustrous mane and bushy tail. He was also the runt of the litter and we think he will never grow to be as massive as Bean Sidhe, but will rather attain a kind of lithe sleek shape, a wraith flitting about. The ungainly gait of his kittenish form is slowly developing into a fluid grace seldom seen, attracting already the jealous stares of Zorro and Loup-Garou who have always felt superior to Bean Sidhe’s bumbling and stumbling. His pelt has a lustrous sheen and feels silkily-soft, making one wonder what it will develop into after the kittenish down has disappeared. And his thunderous purr rumbles on and on, keeping poor Loup-Garou awake when both snuggle upon my lap during my reading of a good book. (To the overtowering delight of my feline babies I’m currently wrestling myself through a trilogy that consists of some 1000 pages. Each.)

But is it just me or are my two half-bloods developing into something that combines the best of their respective breeds ? Time will tell. And their bodies will of course.

Picture below:
Oh, how the very sun doth caress his developing form,
and silky coat, heralding rough play’s imminent storm…

See him trembling, eyes intent on havoc to wreak,
Who dares deny that cats with their bodies speak ?

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They’ll be chattering like magpies on this week’s Friday Ark for sure… Who’d ever have suspected that cats can be such terrible gossips ?

This Sunday,  at This, That& The Other Thing the gracious hosts Amber, Indigo, Cosmo and Mouse will hold the Carnival of the Cats, there’ll be the usual gaggle of felines babbling it out so be there !

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2 Responses to “Sui Generis”

  1. Siani Says:

    Lovely article – and what a gorgeous cat. Love the big yellow eyes, little pink nose and the stalking pose.

  2. kimberlysfrog Says:

    That’s a very beautiful young cat! I love the intent look he has on his face.

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