Hermit Cat

What is it with cats and empty boxes ? You see, you come home with the groceries conveniently packed in cardboard boxes, empty the boxes, stack the boxes someplace where they can wait safely and out of the way until it’s time to take them out for the garbage collectors, and then a feline overlord saunters by and claims a box for his own. They can’t saunter by and don’t claim a box, I mean, it’s somehow irresistible for them, it’s part of the feline nature. The cat is hard-wired for conquering empty boxes. The box is a sure lure for the unsuspecting kitty to suddenly turn into a frolicky beast-of-play. No feline denizen of the House of Chaos has ever been able to leave an empty box unmolested.

Zorro is the Ultimate Destroyer Of Boxes. He just loves to scratch them to ribbons and leave the pieces scattered all over the place. Give him a box, no matter the size, and he’ll professionally and very very expertly shred it to tiny and very multiple smithereens. He is The Shredster, The Piecemaster. His favourite, by the way, is two boxes stacked one in the other, forming a cozy little cat-house in which he can snuggle up and snooze before taking it apart.

In the days of Fenris, the late woofie of the Strong Woman Of Flanders, any box would do for their favourite game together: Zorro would hide in a box and pop out when Fenris supposedly happened to walk by, startling the dog into running away. Zorro would pop back into his box, in hiding for his next deed of infamy. Fenris would then come back, Zorro would pop out again… and on and on it went. They could play like that for hours… just one small cat, one large dog and one medium cardboard box. Who needs all those modern rubber, ringling, blingling, squeaky -and always expensive- toys ?

Bean Sidhe has a slightly different attitude towards boxes. He does sleep in them as well, but then he tends to sleep in anything that looks even vaguely comfortable and snug. But he doesn’t destroy them. For him a box is the ultimate Hiding Place, a safe haven for an uninterrupted nap, and the ultimate toy for entertaining that pesky little kitten Hrimnir. Because when Bean Sidhe has his majestic behiney safely stuffed in a box Hrimnir can’t attack him from behind and is left unmercifully at the tender ministrations of his formidable front paws and his equally impressive dental cutlery. With Bean Sidhe’s hindquarters securely ensconced in a box Hrimnir looses the advantage of the lithe swiftness and agile ability his young age has equipped him with. The Hermit Cat thus sits safely.

But try to enter the game yourself and the cats will avoid you. Whereas they absolutely love to wriggle inside boxes of all sizes and shapes and join in with their fellow felines’ play in and out boxes, they can’t stand it when a simian interferes and throws around with boxes himself. Try to meddle with their game and they will either attack you or flee, but never ever will they joyfully engage with you into that lovely pastime. They prefer the servants to be onlookers, an appreciative audience at best, and not as participants. And really, you can’t fault them. How would they know whether it is in jest or in earnest when a human throws a box on a cat ?

So, the simian onlooker must needs look on. And admire the joyous cavorting of sleek furry shapes around, in, on top of, behind and over that poor innocent box. With Bean Sidhe firmly tucked inside the box hapless little Hrimnir had no chance of dragging him out and take up the coveted space himself. He set to viciously biting and scratching his enormous playmate, but could not evade some spirited resistance from Bannikins himself. The box was pulled all over the place during this furious tug-of-war but fascinatingly enough showed no signs of wear and tear, other than where Bean Sidhe had been biting it between bouts of setting his teeth into Hrimnir. You’d think that such vigorous play would damage this frail cardboard structure but apparently it was built of sterner stuff. It valiantly withstood every abuse the feline fiends managed to heap upon it and when they were done playing it emerged practically unscathed. Victory to the box ?

Now the box lies forlorn and empty. The frolicky felines have gone in search of greener pastures to sun-bathe in, or softer spots to nap on, and it lies unused on the floor of the Kitchen of Chaos. Until they rediscover it and a new game ensues of Bean Sidhe The Hermit Cat And Hrimnir The Hideous Harasser.

Picture below:
This box is MINE ! Go elsewhere !

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It’s Sunday and thus the Carnival of the Cats has opened its doors again. This time at Stranger Ranger‘s place !

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2 Responses to “Hermit Cat”

  1. Bevson Says:

    I laughed when I read your post. All true and very well written. Oddly enough my 4 don’t like boxes, but them them a paper bag and it’s all over.

  2. Pet Cat » Hermit Cat Says:

    […] Babeth wrote an interesting post today on Hermit CatHere’s a quick excerptThey could play like that for hours… just one small cat, one large dog and one medium cardboard box. Who needs all those modern rubber, ringling, blingling, squeaky -and always expensive- toys ? Bean Sidhe has a slightly different … […]

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