Wordless Wednesday


Yeah, I know, this should be wordless. But the park in Vilvoorde called “3 Fonteinen” is so beautiful during Autumn, and the cats are so cute when playing… I could not resist and so I posted both !
Hence the explanation. Enjoy.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

41 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. SandyCarlson Says:

    That makes me want to put on my sneaks and go find the heaven you found there! Great WW!

  2. Hoto Says:

    nice shots. i love the secound pic most. happy ww

  3. WorksForMom Says:

    That nature shot is breathtaking. Those cats are so curiously cute!

  4. jams o donnell Says:

    The composition of nte second photo is wonderful. What is it about cats and tiny boxes though! Happy WW

  5. Alison Says:

    I love them both, I couldn’t choose!

  6. And Miles To Go... Says:

    wow, what beautiful and clear shots–I love the second 0n the best!

  7. Jennifer Partin Says:

    Loved the park picture—the way the light was coming through the trees. Beautiful shot!

  8. Trish Says:

    That park photo is spectacular -thanks for sharing.I would love to be sitting there soaking in the dappled sun and reading a book.

  9. Betriska Says:

    Oh! Cats totally RULE!!!

    And the park …. oh how lovely! Great shot!

  10. Yen Says:

    I love that kitty photo and the second one is amazing!
    Mines up too if u get a chance to visit!

  11. CableGirl Says:

    My goodness what is it about cats and boxes? lol

    Happy WW

  12. Tanya Says:

    second picture is awsome!!! kitties are very cute, too!
    happy ww!

  13. Lori Says:

    Great pics…cats, so easily amused…just like children:) Happy WW.

  14. genny Says:

    thats wow… worldless me

  15. marcia Says:

    love the light in the woods

  16. Gattina Says:

    I love the cats ! and I have some “boozed ” once, lol !

  17. Nancy Brown Says:

    What a great place to read a book!!!!

  18. Shelia Says:

    Love the nature shot, makes me long for a nice walk!

  19. ZJ Says:

    I agree with Nancy, great place to sit down, relax and read a book… I wish there are places like that here in Cambodia!
    Happy WW!

  20. Ladynred Says:

    Those cats are cute! Love the 2nd photo!

  21. cdv1971 Says:

    That second photo is great, a nice spot for a quiet time in the woods.

  22. patois Says:

    I love both of those photos.

  23. Secret Agent Mama Says:

    The expression on the kitty on the first is so funny! And, ahhh, nature.. best kind of wordless!!

  24. Hootin' Anni Says:

    cute kitties!!! and love the sun filtering through the woods.

    Come by and join me with some of my Halloween Punch & W W!!!

  25. Gattina Says:

    I didn’t pay attention to your text but now I read Vilvoorde and “3 Fonteinen” so I suppose you also live in Belgium ! I couldn’t find anything in your profile !
    Your cats are very cute ! I have 5 and a blog called “My Cats and funny stories” you can see them there.
    I live in Waterloo, that’s on the other end of Brussels !

  26. Rene Says:

    Ohhhh..I could sit there for hours. And hours… and maybe a few more hours.

  27. Manda Says:

    I love watching my cats play, they do the same with boxes. Your nature shot is amazing. =0)

  28. vixensden Says:

    I would love to blow off work and head over to that park right now and take a long, long walk. It is beautiful there.

    Mine is up

  29. Brenna Says:

    the kitty photo would be such a great submission for that “I Can Has Cheezburger” site. lol It’s cute and funny.

    Nice photos. I enjoyed them. ^^

  30. Cassie Says:

    Oooooh cute cat picture but *love* the park picture! It’s gorgeous! I have a new photo blog and that’s where I posted my here and I also have a picture of Amber posted. Have a great evening!

  31. Jana Says:

    The sunlight in the trees really gives that photo depth.

    I love that your cats are taking turns playing!

  32. TorAaMusic Says:

    Hi, first picture: We that do know and understand Cats we do of course give them a “Playhouse” like this. Our Cats also use the cartons as teethbrushes. I posted about that about a year ago.
    Second: That place is like a place for theraphy and relaxing.

    Fabulous entry

  33. Audrey - Pinks & Blues Girls Says:

    Gorgeous photos. Especially loved the second one.
    Thanks for sharing!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues
    p.s. – Stop by my blog http://www.pinksandblues.com to pledge to get examined in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s a giveaway opportunity for all those who pledge to get examined within the next year.

  34. Minkydo Says:

    Those cats are adorable. Mine play that way sometimes. The park is breathtaking.

  35. Glennia Says:

    It looks so serene and peaceful in the second picture!

  36. MeL Says:

    That’s a park right? Makes me wanna go there. 🙂 Your kitties are adorable. Happy WW!

  37. Babeth Says:

    The park is just a few minutes driving from our place. And it is real ! Very real, much to my delight and pleasure.

    Can you imagine this though: some 300 meters from that quiet secluded intensely mystical spot there runs one of the busiest highways in Belgium ?
    Fortunately on high feet, it’s called the Viaduct of Vilvoorde, it’s part of the Big Ring of Brussels and it’s a giant bridge that crosses a valley where my town lies. During late Spring, Summer, and early Fall the trees are foliated enough with thick layers of leaves so that they actually manage to block out the traffic noise. During winter alas the noise is more… present.
    But the park is one of our “green lungs” and we are very very happy with it. Because it is so big you can actually spend a few hours there exploring all the walkways and paths. There are many types of trees there. We even have a fake grotto !

    The “Park 3 Fonteinen” (fountains) is actually a combination of 3 former castle-territories. One had an “English Garden”, with the fake cave and lovely lakes, another had a “French Garden” which recently has been restored according to the original plans, a third is just a nice little forest with a huuuuge field in the center. We call it the “Playfield”. The castles have long gone, but some buildings remain. One, the former “Orangerie” (where they grew exotic plants), is a café-restaurant and another, the former stables, hosts all kinds of activities. Smack in the middle of the woods is an empty chapel too. Little treasures can be found here and there: an ancient piece of masonry leaving you to wonder what it was for, “hollow roads” which sadly disappear from our landscape more and more because they are not practical, a bush in the form of a dragon, gnarled old trees, birds and critters…. a stroll in the park is always a discovery.

  38. Dana Says:

    oh nice cats and the landscape on the second picture is wonderful.

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