Wordless Wednesday




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35 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. jams o donnell Says:

    THose are two lovely photos. Happy WW

  2. Mark Caldwell Says:

    Love the flower

    Great shots πŸ™‚

  3. mitzh Says:

    I love the flower, so pretty.

    They are both gorgeous shot!
    Happy WW.

  4. captain lifecruiser Says:

    Oh, gorgeous shots, both of them in it’s own way πŸ™‚ Both of them make me think: clean!

  5. Betriska Says:

    Great eye! Love the shots … no words needed!

  6. comedyplus Says:

    Love the flower, but the kitty is adorable. Have a great WW. πŸ™‚

  7. Isabelle aka Tricotine Says:

    I love the flower photo! πŸ™‚
    Happy WW!

  8. Lori Says:

    Kitty loves being outside. Cute pics. Happy WW.

  9. Samantha & Tigger Says:

    Cute, cute, cite! Love the kitty and the flower! Happy WW.
    Your FL furiends,

  10. Tanya Says:

    how pretty!!! happy ww!

  11. Gattina Says:

    Beautiful shiny fur ! (not the flower, the cat !)

    Don’t we have wonderful weather for the moment ? I hope it will last !

  12. JumpBack Says:

    Nice different angle on the flower shot.

  13. amyszoo Says:

    Great pics! You actually feel like you can reach out and pet that cat!

  14. Babeth Says:

    I photographed the flower in our local park “3 Fonteinen” (Vilvoorde, Belgium) and the kitty in our own Garden of Chaos.

    I liked the flowers and took several different pictures of them (yes, there are more), heeding the general advice that one should not put the object in centre, and try for contrasts. Hence the green of the leaves off-set the bright white/yellow of the flower perfectly but leaving part of the dirt road in the background made the shot more dynamic.

    Of Hrimnir, and the other three cats, I take many many pictures almost every day. This was on a nice sunny day. He was playing like mad with tufts of grass and pieces of black plastic (you see one next to him) but he interrupted his play for a quick grooming session. I usually take between 50 and 100 shots in one shoot and end up with one of two perfect ones. Needless to say my hard disk is groaning and I need an additional one soon ! But I just can’t get myself to throw away the other -less perfect but no less endearing- piccies….

  15. Yen Says:

    What beautiful photos you have here! I love that cat pic too:) Mines up as well!

  16. Dragonheart Says:

    Wonderful photos. πŸ™‚ Beautiful flower and great-looking cat. πŸ™‚

  17. Melanie Says:

    Beautiful photos. Putting the flower off center really did make a difference. I’m making mental note of that one.
    Happy WW!

  18. savvyprchick Says:

    LOVE the photo of the flower… and it sure looks like the cat is enjoying a bit of sunshine. *sigh* Wish I could get outside and enjoy sunshine instead of having to work.

  19. Natalie Says:

    I love the flower!

  20. ruis Says:

    Is that kitty Hrimnir? I love the photo!!

  21. letha Says:

    Great shots, I love the flower and the cat is cute

  22. Brenna Says:

    oo wow, that is a beautiful flower. It looks so perfect. I want one. AND cute kitty photo. ^^

  23. Shelia Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Happy WW!

  24. Gill Says:

    Lovely photos. I enjoyed reading your comment about how you took them.

  25. Jos Says:

    Great pictures! Love what the light does with the structure on the cat’s skin! Happy WW!

  26. Blue Momma Says:

    Ok, besides my Punkin (and chips and salsa), those are my two favorite things. Is that a dahlia?

  27. Dana Says:

    wow, great photos. i like the second picture because the cat is very cute.

  28. Anglophile Football Fanatic Says:

    Great close up pictures. Beautiful.

  29. burntofferings Says:

    Oh very cute indeed…

    Thanks for stopping by burntofferings but there is more at bernies fotoblog

  30. Cassie Says:

    Two gorgeous photos! Love the angle of the kitty picture πŸ˜€

  31. Ann Says:

    The flower is pretty but I like the kitty best! happy WW!

  32. The Foo Says:

    nice pictures… thanks for posting it. happy ww!

  33. PJ Says:

    So pretty! We don’t have a safe place for ours to go out.
    Lucky kitty!

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