Tummy Tuesday

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The weather has turned chilly and what better to warm our hearts than the sight of a Feline Full Monty ?

At the time when I took this picture Loup-Garou had a pelt problem. For some reason he was over-grooming himself and went pretty bald in the abdominal region. He decided that was a chilly situation and more or less permanently camped on top of Grumpy Man’s computer monitor. Hence the picture.

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More lovely tummies can be admired, as usual, on LisaViolet’s Dairy.

It is with sad resignation that we announce the demise of the connection cable for our Fuji FinePix 1300 digital camera. We now have some nice pictures on that camera that we can’t upload. <le sigh> On the other hand, compared with the Canon Eos 350D this camera is positively fossile. Time to ditch it methinks.

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