A gluttonous guest

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Hrimnir has certainly developed the habit of bringing in playmates lately. Apparently he’s found 2 new ones, black-&-whites both, who live nearby and are willing to have a romp in the Garden of Chaos on occasion. One of the twain, a very frank tomkitten that we -for obvious reasons- have called “Franky”, is the boldest and has delighted Grumpy Man by being quite the socialite as well. Yup, this kitten loves to be man-handled !

Franky is very inquisitive. He allowed Grumpy Man to carry him into the House of Chaos and set out exploring. But then he entered into a behaviour that in the following days would prove to be a fixed pattern: as soon as he spotted them he made a beeline towards the feeding bowls and started bunkering like crazy. This happened both today and 10 days ago. Poor Hrimnir, who is as usual ecstatic about having a playmate come into the House, soon found his ouvertures to play rebuffed in a most impolite manner. Clearly Franky wanted to be left alone in order to munch in peace and was most vocal about it too. Not to mention claw-cal.

When he finally stopped shoveling the grub he immediately pattered over to Grumpy Man who was sitting at his computer nearby and installed his not-so-tiny furry butt on the man’s lap. I say “not-sot-tiny” because for a kitten he is remarkably sturdy and … ahem… substantial. We soon discovered why. Because after a few caresses the frank feline left Grumpy Man in order to have a go at the feeding bowls again. Clearly it was time for the second course. And Hrimnir… lay there forlorn on the couch and beckoning and inviting for all that he was worth but without avail. Franky remained impervious to all imploring sounds and begging gestures and this frustrated our tyke mightily.

So, Hrimnir decided upon a new course of action in order to entice the visitor into some frolicsome activities: he attacked the scratching pole. Now, this pole is not so large, barely 50 centimeters high or so, but it is completely covered with sisal rope and has a ball hanging from the top. Hrimnir set about making an absolute fool of himself by attacking this ball with all fours. Yup. All fours. How he did it I leave to your imagination, because I could only take a few pictures with my cell phone (Bouncing Psycho having the sole functional camera in his room so that was beyond my reach) and -alas!- they do not do the occasion justice. Suffice it to say that at one certain point his furry little form didn’t touch the floor and you should know that the pole isn’t fixed to the floor at all, i.e. it stands loose on the floor making for a rather precarious situation.

Yet it failed to impress Franky. Despite Hrimnir’s frantic playing His Emptiness had only eyes for Grumpy Man, who was of course charmed by this display of kittenish affection. And after grabbing a few moments of tactile sensuous bliss on Grumpy Man’s lap the visitor once again descended towards the feeding bowls. It seemed it was time for the third course. And once again happy little crunching and munching sounds could be heard emanating from the vicinity of the feeding bowls. All I could see, from the vantage point of my computer desk, was a quivering black tail and a happily upright butt. But I could hear him… “munch munch munch ” all the way. He was happy.

There is, however, always an end to happy tales and this was no exception. 8 days ago it was I who had to do the honours, but today not so. Knowing that little Franky already has a home (he is wearing a collar) Grumpy Man had to turn his heart into a stone, take Franky gently into his arms, and put him outside in the Garden of Chaos again, with the intention to gently pat him on the butt in order to urge him back home. But as soon as he put the tyke on the ground Franky made a 180° turn and dashed for the open door, straight back into the House of Chaos and its overflowing feeding bowls ! 8 days ago I was smarter, I had closed the door before putting the kitten down. But Grumpy Man hadn’t expected his tiny charge to be so energetic.

What to do ? Well… what a man always does when confronted with stubborn feline adversity… Grumpy Man ran after the tyke, stamped his foot hard on the ground, clapped his hands, and yelled at him to get out NOW. Franky obliged. He may be hungry but he ain’t no fool. But he tarried, sat waiting at the now closed door, and then and there he made a biiiig mistake.
Zorro had been watching the entire event, aloof and mistrusting but strangely non-violent (not his usual demeanor, especially not with strange cats about, but he had his reasons, see below). It was only after Franky was put outside that he decided to take matters into his own paws and so he flitted through the cat-flap and what we heard were the usual sounds of “Zorro-socializing”. Outside he was sure and certain that the Mistress wouldn’t interfere and so he set about tormenting the tyke to his heart’s content.
We haven’t seen Franky at the door again. But that was this morning. We’ll see about tomorrow. Because you know, kittens bounce pretty well. He’ll be back.

Picture below:
A match made in Heaven… Grumpy Man and Franky. Both are inquisitive and both have an appetite.

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Yay ! Friday ! Which means we can all board the Friday Ark and have some fun there. Won’t you come ? It’ll be the party ! The food ! The company !

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