The esurient siblings

Lately the Neighbourhood of Chaos Kittens have been visiting the House of Chaos rather frequently. Or rather, Franky and Frankette have. Not-Franky is too shy and prefers to pine outside, just out of reach of the simians’ grasping claws and sadly out of reach of the overflowing feeding bowls that this House sports. But Franky and Frankette… oh boy… they do know where to get at the grub and we have the greatest of difficulties when trying to get them out again. After all, they do not belong to us, but to another household, where they will be sorely missed since they are such sweet and silky-soft purring machines.

Franky is the most frequent visitor. But sometimes he is accompanied by his sister Frankette and together they form a mighty team around which the resident feline denizens of the House of Chaos are wont to tiptoe with care. Hrimnir would love nothing more than playing and romping and frolicking with them, yet they spurn his joyous overtures to play with growls and menacing claws. Bean Sidhe couldn’t care less, as long as nobody disturbs his majestic self when napping. Loup-Garou tends to sit around with a bewildered look on his black furry face because these black-&-white kittens do look so much like Zorro that he’s secretly a bit afraid of them. And Zorro himself sort of sits there, with a profound look of approval on his bewhiskered snout when the kittens snarl at the others again, but with his own set of cutlery at the ready in order to punish the tiniest of infractions. Everybody makes a detour around Zorro.

Clearly Franky and Frankette are siblings, possibly even full-blooded siblings. A queen (female cat) can have kittens from several different tomcats at the same time in every litter, but the twain that visits us do look so much alike that it is clear they must not only have the same mother, but the same dad as well. Rather rare in the feline world, but it happens. And Franky is a bit protective of his little sister, they often venture out together, and only rarely do we see them accompanied by Not-Franky (who is mostly white with a few black spots, but he has the same built as the twain). They all sport the same collar, so they must be from the same household. And I happen to know that one of our back-neighbours did indeed have 3 kittens. Thus, they may visit the House of Chaos for a bit of a bite, but they can’t stay.

Apparently they would prefer to stay. It is with the greatest reluctance that they allow us to carry them back outside into the Garden of Chaos and release them back to where they belong. It is with equally greatest difficulty that we manage to keep them from dashing straight back in. They would rather continue that uninterrupted-by-kids nap in the Couch of Chaos, or spend the next 3 hours shoveling the grub which is of a well-known and not-too-cheap brand. I know we are spoiling our furry friends, but eating is one of our greatest pleasures in life and how could we deny our purring babies the same and still respect ourselves ? Tsk.

Kitties know good grub when they encounter it. The Frankies are not the only kittens of the Neighbourhood who have come calling and made a straight beeline towards the bowls the moment they saw their way clear to come in. But they certainly are the most persistent and have now come almost daily to call upon our charity. And with those sweet furry faces with tiny pink noses upturned towards us, beseeching succour and nourishment with plaintive howls speaking of great distress and impending famine, how could we refuse ?

And thus we were regaled with the gay sound of kitty teeth crunching to their hearts’ content and the sight of tiny furry bodies trembling with joy and unabashed greed. Then, after the feast, both Franky and Frankette retired upon the Couch of Chaos for a well-deserved cat-nap and settled down with a profoundly happy sigh of utter contentment. They snuggled close together, as only siblings are wont to do, Franky protectively in front of his smaller sister, and the happy purring commenced. Now and then Franky would open his eyes into fine slits and scan the surroundings for threats. He didn’t mind that Zorro was napping a scant 15 centimeters away on a cushion. Zorro didn’t mind either, which had us immensely surprised. (If we didn’t know better we might have suspected that he had fathered the kitlings and is somewhat proud of them, but trust me, we know better…)

In the end we have to take them outside again. They do not belong to this House and would surely be missed elsewhere. But they are always welcome for a quick bite and a little snooze, the simian denizens of the House of Chaos are well-known for their generosity and hospitality.

Picture below:
Snuggled cozily together… Franky and Frankette… he’s keeping himself between the Big Bad World and his little sister… how sweet !!

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Don’t forget to visit the Friday Ark today !! Lots of sweet kitties await your attention there…

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