Tummy Tuesday

Today Frankette has the limelight and like a real pro she went prone and showed what she had. Sort of.

More or less.

Actually, Bouncing Psycho had to stalk real quietly with the Bigger Camera and snap what he could because she is a bit on the shy side. Technically she is not one of our cats but a neighbour’s, but you’d think she belonged to the House of Chaos the way she visits us almost every day and fills that glorious tummy of hers with choice bits from the feeding bowls. Lots of choice bits actually. Most of it really.

Well yeah, she does leave the odd titbit to the resident felines.

On a good day.

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Fortunately there’s much more tummy to be seen at LisaViolet’s Dairy. Right ?

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2 Responses to “Tummy Tuesday”

  1. PJ Says:

    Wow, she is stunning!!
    Happy Tuesday1

  2. gottagopractice Says:

    Hard to begrudge a tidbit to such a beauty.

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