Wordless Wednesday






9 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Jenny in Ca Says:

    wow, just beautiful- both photos are beautiful in different ways.
    I love cats…we only have one. But then again, great-grandma had 27- so hubby is trying to protect me from genetics…

  2. Euro Puppy Says:

    Lovely!!!!!!! 🙂 Happy WW to you!

  3. HolleeAnn Says:

    oh that pic of the trees is AMAZING!!!

  4. CJHill Says:

    Love them both. Can anything look more content than a cat?


  5. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Both photos are so white, and so pure! Or should I say one is pure as the snow and the other is PURR?!!!

    happy w w

  6. chelle Says:

    Beautiful .. snow white .. snow white .. love it

  7. Deanna Says:

    Ah, great pics! Have a great day!

  8. June Says:

    Great shots…and appreciated your juxtaposing the two whites. Happy WW.

  9. Utah Mommy Says:

    Great shots you have here, perfect! Happy WW!
    Totally Worn Out
    The Future Pianist

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