Forlorn at the door

Almost Franky has a problem. You see, he’s not Franky. He is a sibling of the Frankensiblings, as is Not Franky, but unlike the latter he’s not been welcomed in or even tolerated by the other feline denizens of the House of Chaos. And it’s not as if he didn’t want to come in, for many a day have we found him wandering in the Garden of Chaos or perched on the roof of the Shed of Chaos, with a melancholy “mew” being emitted by his sad sad little furry face and the desperate want for a warm and comfy shelter radiating from his sparkly moist eyes. More often than not has he been chased away by an idignant Zorro, who is ever keen on making sure everybody knows his place. And, according to Zorro, Almost Franky has no place in the House of Chaos.

Why the name “Almost Franky” ? Well… last Summer, when the Frankensiblings were making their first appearances in and about the Garden of Chaos, two of them were so audacious as to enter the House of Chaos immediately, making a beeline towards the feeding bowls and starting to bunker there. Both these now resident Frankensiblings are called Franky and Frankette because they are … well… quite intrepid, audacious, undertaking, adventurous… in one word: frank. And then there is Not Franky who has been named so for his incredible shyness and Almost Franky who falls in between: he’s been a tad shy in the beginning, is no longer now, and is therefore neither fish nor fowl. He’s banned from the more interesting parts of the premises and he knows it.

But Almost Franky is in trouble now. It’s Winter, albeit a warm and balmy one, it’s horrendously wet out there and we have the vague impression that their original owners no longer allow any of the Frankensiblings in. Franky and Frankette have been living with us for 3 solid months now and not even once have we heard from a neighbour about missing kitlings. Not Franky is so terribly shy he doesn’t come in at all, let alone allow himself to be approached by any simian but Grumpy Man – of all people. Yet Almost Franky, despite being quite intrepid, has not come further than the back door. That was when I accidently let him one morning last week, thinking he was Franky. His reluctance to go one step further than the doorstep, together with Hrimnir looking rather askance at him, and Zorro perking up menacingly from the other door where he was standing, I soon realised that this kitty was not what he seemed to be. Especially not when I noticed the real Franky peeking up from under the pantry cupboard. Oh dear.

Almost Franky is no dumb boy though. He quickly understood that the situation could turn real ugly real fast and so he decided on the spot to leave the beckoning warmth of the House of Chaos and retreat once more to his customary perch on top of the Shed of Chaos, to languish there in perfect misery whilst his siblings cavorted in luxury.
The poor darling.

Grumpy Man has let The Mistress know that enough is enough when she went to fetch little Hrimnir to come live with us as the fourth feline denizen of the House of Chaos. When Franky and Frankette adopted us half a year later he exclaimed once more that there is a limit to the number of cats one house can sustain and that 6 is most definitely it. But now we are faced with the two remaining homeless Frankensiblings, one of which is slowly managing to steal Grumpy Man’s heart… he’s the only simian who can approach and even pet the little bugger and somehow he feels he’s become special to Not Franky.
But Almost Franky ?
Grumpy Man met him one morning in the garden. Thinking it was Franky he picked the kitten up and gave it a cuddle. Only to suddenly find several claws deeply hooked into his face. It wasn’t Franky. It was Almost Franky. Grumpy Man’s instinctive reactions can be quite impressive but are -as ever- rather fast. This time it resulted in one kitling finding himself briefly airborne and one simian angrily dabbing at his bleeding face whilst vowing eternal revenge. And ever since then there’s been a kind of hatred between the twain.

So, we find Almost Franky forlorn and sad at the door every day. It’s been freezing a bit the last days. He can -and apparently does- find a bit of shelter in the Shed of Chaos, which is always open and gives him a place out of the cold winds. I do leave a bit of food outside regularly for the forlorn Frankensiblings so they have at least some sustenance. Under the lean-to it’s at least dry. I think I’ll leave an empty cardboard box out with some linings of discarded clothing too.
I’m sure Almost Franky feels he’s made a big boo-boo recently and would make amends for it. If only Zorro would let him into the House. If only Grumpy Man would let him into his heart.

Picture below:
The real Franky is showing us how much he cares for the plight of his poor benighted sibling.


It’s almost Friday again and that means we can board the Friday Ark. Maybe Almost Franky is welcome there ?

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One Response to “Forlorn at the door”

  1. Grumpy man Says:

    To allivate the fears.

    Not Franky, the most “blanche” of the Frankensiblings, is according to me a she. But that we’ll know for sure when her fist nest is prowling the area, as it is obvious that the “previous servants” don’t do the job of cat buttler well enough.(like visiting the man in white) Hence the 2 extra’s here.
    I do like every kitten, but even my good paying jobs wage has its limits. And if the amounts of kittyfodder interfere with my 6pack (of good Belgian beer, not the abs) there is a reconning.

    Now the part of Almost Franky. The little pest looks like his brother, but with 1 main difference. Franky has a narrow white stripe between the eyes. Almost Franky sports a wider spot.

    The attack on my face was real, but my beard saved me from any real damage. (one puncture mark was right below my left eye tough). my reaction, trowing the nasty house-panther over the 2m high hedge was severe, but not damaging.
    Nor does it stops Almost spraying in my toolshed. Except the smell the plastic toolboxes don’t care.
    But, if I catch him, his “servants” will get a visit. The cat carrying cradle will be full of very sorry kitten, and the “proud owners” will get a full dose of Grumpy Man.

    I’m except my grumpy demeanor, gentle and not easely to anger, but that doesn’t exclude me from having grudges.

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