Tummy Tuesday

Today’s Tummy Tuesday features one of the Frankensiblings. It’s… <<drum roll>> … FRANKY !!!


Proudly showing his tuffy tummy off. But I wonder whether he will still be doing that so eagerly and easily after next Thursday. Because that’s when he’ll visit the Man In White, together with his sister, in order to have his ahem-ectomy.

For those who really wanted to know the sordid details… I had to photoshop this picture a bit because a certain part of his anatomy was too proudly on display. One of the major reasons he’s going to visit the vet is the fact that his sister too needs her operation and we all know what time of the year it is…

At LisaViolet’s Dairy we have our guaranteed weekly dose of fluffy tummies. Go visit !!

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One Response to “Tummy Tuesday”

  1. lisaviolet Says:

    Heh heh heh…

    A few months ago, DH and I were just laying on the bed in the middle of the day (you know how sometimes it’s just nice to lay there on the bed in the middle of the day, feels like you’re doing something lazy) and petting cats. Sagwa started to do this mating thing (some of our males do it and pushing them away usuall gets them to stop). Well, I pushed Saggers away from me and he was looking at me, his backside to DH and DH says “there’s something hanging from him, it might be a worm!” Nope, not a worm. A horny little Sagwa kitty. It was a combination “ew” and “wow” moment. I’ve seen this many times with dogs, but not a sweet little kitty cat.

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