Wordless Wednesday

The site, the piccies… WORDLESS WEDNESDAY





15 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Babeth Says:

    Nature: When you have warmer water than air you get… fog. Lots of fog. Still a sight that amazes me. And almost a study in grey.

    Cats: Zorro, his usual grumpy self. His usual battered self. And yes, there actually are people who do love this brute. And whom he is kind to.
    Yes, this cat knows how to purr too. When he’s not in a murdering mood that is.

  2. Utah Mommy Says:

    That place must be freezing weather and the car looks so cute! You have great shots here. Happy WW!

  3. Mrs Wibbs Says:

    Love both pictures… First one is very atmospheric!

  4. Digital Flower Says:

    😆 on the cat photo. If it was centered it would look like a mug shot.

  5. WendyWings Says:

    Brrr it doesn’t snow where I am like EVER so it is nice to look at in pictures.
    The cat has half a moustache did he shave the rest off for charity lol
    Happy WW

  6. SandyCarlson Says:

    That’s a gorgeous landscape.

  7. jams o donnell Says:

    Excellent photos! Happy WW

  8. ValleyGirl Says:

    Two very excellent photos!!! Love the close-up details of the cat and the moodiness and melancholy of the fog shot. Beautiful stuff!

  9. liza Says:

    ohh love the foggy nature shot and opfcousre the youre cute cat..;) happy WW!
    Life’s Impression

  10. Grumpy man Says:

    Cute Cat? Zorro cute? He’s looking like” Come and get a big can of Whoopass”.
    But he has his gentler sides to. It’s only difficult to spot those.

  11. happyhousewife Says:

    Love the picture of the water, the colors are perfect.
    Happy WW~

  12. Sanni Says:

    Love both photos 😉

    Happy WW!

  13. tx sweetie Says:

    oh my!! what a breathtaking view of the frozen lake..lovin it so much. thanks for posting. mine is up too pls check it out


    out of words

  14. June Says:

    Both great pictures…but “Nature” is AWE-some! Happy WW.

  15. cdv1971 Says:

    Love the canal shot. There’s something about foggy mornings that are just DOING it for me lately. Which is good considering where I live… Great WW shots.

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