Tummy Tuesday – Birthday !!!

Today is Hrimnir’s 1st birthday and we figured we’d celebrate it. So….

Hrimnir, 1 year ago (well not exactly, he was 8 weeks old when he came to live with us)

Hrimnir 2 months old

Hrimnir now

Hrimnir 1 year old

He’s growing into a fine strapping man-cat and has no qualms whatsoever to show some tummy.

Of course, he must want to do so. Which is not always the case when I’ve got the All-Seeing Eye out. Oh well, maybe better next time…

More lovely tummies can be admired over at LisaViolet’s Dairy.

One Response to “Tummy Tuesday – Birthday !!!”

  1. PJ Says:

    Gosh they grow up fast!!!!
    Happy Birthday purrty kitty!

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