Curiosity, thy name is kitten

For times immemorial people have tried to capture what is around them in sayings, some wise and some witty. But rarely has the spirit of a species been captured so elegantly and so aptly in a saying as in “curiosity killed the cat”. Indeed, people have marveled over the cats’ curiosity that would get them into the craziest trouble and weirdest circumstances, and sadly many an enterprising kitty has been forced to pay for his curiosity with all of his lives. Cats are Mother Nature’s true-born detectives, and nothing escapes their curious notice.

The most curious of the feline denizens who reside in the House of Chaos is surely Hrimnir. The Mistress may enter the house, greet another of the cats, and suddenly -with a chirrup- the Hrimmster is there ! No matter the time of the day, or the identity of the feline friend, but Hrimnir will walk in immediately and investigate the matter, you know, just in case there may be treats being doled out, or other interesting activities engaged in – like a bout of caressing, or a game with the Little Red Light. Hrimnir will know, and demand his fair share.

The other cats don’t mind really. They all like him. It is very very hard not to like the furry peacemaker who rubs noses with everybody, including the usually très grumpy Zorro, with cheerful impunity and then ambles on in search of pleasure to be had or food to be savoured. He shares his food. He’s nice. And he likes it so much when you snuggle up close to him, it doesn’t matter what species you are. He likes even more to play with you. Strangely, this melts the hearts of all of our other feline denizens and they have accepted Hrimnir’s antics with a certain tolerance. Certain that is, until Zorro looses his temper again. But Hrimnir has learned by now how to deal with that too.

When The Mistress visits the Bathroom she is always accompanied by Hrimnir. When she opens up the fridge he’s there. When she’s preparing her usual delicious concoctions at the kitchen counter you can be sure and certain that a small furry shadow follows every move she makes, or more precisely: every morsel she drops. When she climbs the stairs for whatever errand upstairs she must look out or stumble over the little hair-ball. When a cupboard is open you can bet he’s already in it. And no matter what moves, he’s following it with a clear and vivid interest etched on his little furry face. Hrimnir likes to know what’s going on. He’s one of those curious intrepid investigators who are always with their noses on things.

But occasionally the other furry friends suffer from bouts of curiosity as well. Loup-Garou has this tendency to go and explore the dangerous wastelands under the bed covers, whilst Zorro has been known to scale walls and brave rooftops in search of enemies who need a good battering. Bean Sidhe has stuck his head in the weirdest receptacles, fortunately so far having been able to extract said appendage from said receptacle without trouble, problem or mayhem. Franky has gotten his name by simply walking into da House and check out the contents and living conditions. But our little baby-doll, Frankette, seemed devoid of any unmannerly behaviour and always behaved like the little well-behaved girl she is.


Last weekend, silently roasting under a very nice Spring Sun with The Strong Woman Of Flanders (who was visiting us) in the Garden of Chaos I was finally able to enjoy the remarkable occurrence of Frankette actually displaying a mighty curiosity indeed. She had entered the Garden and was looking for a nice sunny spot to doze upon, and then her eye was attracted by something on the box next to the huge flowerdrum that hadn’t been there in the past. The something was vaguely spherical and seemed to move with glacial speed, but it moved. And that – in most cases when a kitty is involved – should have had the ringing of the death knells started for said something.

Frankette slowly, and sinuously as only cats can, lowered herself down a tile of roof tiles in order to investigate the situation. One tentative paw was gingerly and carefully placed next to the intriguing object. Her head lowered, so as to somehow still be concealed from her intended prey, she carefully studied the fascinating … snail.
Her interest soon waned, as snails are experts at sitting still. I don’t know whether our slimy yet superbly armoured friend felt threatened or not, but he didn’t budge at all. Did he know that Frankette has the attention span of a toddler on speed ? She soon left the scene in search of something far more exiting, then turned her head around for a last look… hey, it had moved !

Sure enough, the snail was no longer on the exact spot where she had seen him. She kept staring for a few seconds, then turned around again because she heard something rustle elsewhere. Then she looked back at the snail, who was by that time frantically (for a snail at least) trying to evacuate that very much exposed spot on top of the box. But the snail was lucky. You could actually see Frankette performing a feline shrug-of-the-shoulders and then she turned back to more interesting – and doubtless less slimy – subjects. The snail already forgotten she happily darted after something only she could see.

Picture below: “Yup, he’s still there…” (Better go check the “Wordless Wednesday” post of last Tuesday for the first picture in which Frankette seizes up her new friend. This picture was only number 5 or 6…)

Frankette and the snail

Are we going to have more fun at the Friday Ark ? Or at the Carnival of the Cats which is hosted this weekend by House Panters ? Or maybe the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos over at Pet’s Garden Blog… You never know, but at least there will be many many fun kitties there !!

2 Responses to “Curiosity, thy name is kitten”

  1. Quasi Says:

    Maybe Frankette has kitty ADD? I’d like to tell you that I’ve written a scathingly funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, which will be out in May. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website,

  2. loup garou Says:

    […] so elegantly and so aptly in a saying as in ???curiosity killed the cat???. Indeed, people h Briefs Loyola MaroonWriting workshops to be held on Wednesdays Japanese philosopher to give […]

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