Sweet Invasion

With the Simian and Feline denizens of the House of Chaos deeply disturbed by Zorro’s sudden going over the Rainbow Bridge we were most surprised when the next day two newcomers sauntered into the Garden of Chaos and into our lives. The Mistress was puttering about in the Kitchen when Grumpy Man invited her to come into the Garden and bring some Crunchy Goodness too. Coz we had visitors. Hungry visitors.
He quickly explained his delight at suddenly feeling a lithe feline body weaving itself around his legs while he was working on a Fighting Robot in the Garden. Looking down he spotted the most graceful grey tabby he’d ever seen, with huge eyes imploringly raised at him, and the clear message being radiated by her body and soul was: “hunger”. Then Grumpy Man spotted the smaller and darker grey pluff-ball sitting nearby, equally begging for some much-needed nourishment… from the tabby. Who -apparently- is in the full process of weaning the youngster.

And thus The Mistress dashed into the Garden of Chaos, with a bowl full of Crunchy Goodness at the ready, and was greeted with much enthusiasm by the strange twain. The Crunchies were swiftly gobbled up, so a pouch of Stinky Goodness was quickly added. And devoured in a heart-beat. Boy, these two were hungry.

That day having been a rather glorious Autumn Sunshine day, all the other Feline Denizens were present and gingerly observing the proceedings. Some more than others though. You could see Loup-Garou thinking with dismay: “Oh no ! There goes the quiet !” and hear Frankette muttering darkly: “Arghh ! I’m no longer the youngest and cutest and most petite and lovable-est !” Bean Sidhe, rudely repelled by Frankette who is too afraid of his bulk to play with him, was looking at the newcomers with some suspicion, would they trust him well enough for a frolic ? And Hrimnir, the Intrepid Peacemaker, could already been seen romping all over the place with the kitten. This was going to be interesting.

Now we are a few weeks further and the newcomers have settled in the House of Chaos nicely, thank you very much. Of course, every self-respecting cat must have a name, and truth to tell The Mistress felt rather inspired.

The grey tabby she-kitty almost immediately got her name: Freya, after the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. She is extremely trusting of people, hence the “love”, is the most graceful she-kitty I’ve ever seen, hence the “beauty”, and has her little son, hence the “fertility”. She must be of the same age as Frankette and Hrimnir (approx. 1,5 years as I type this), and the kitling must have been her first litter. Freya has the most delicate little pink nose you can imagine, lined with a lovely grey line, and her tabby coating is more grey than tabby, yet the stripes are all there. The stripes are a bit more like spots though. I wonder about her ancestry. The tabby “M” is not clearly visible on her fore-head, because of the grey coating. And her eyes are a lustrous yellow-green. Where Frankette is merely petite and cute, Freya is petite and grace in motion. Adorable.
And hungry.

We strongly suspect that she must be the reincarnation of our beloved woofie Critter, who died two years ago, since she is clearly a fanatical gastropod. I mean, food is in jeopardy with Freya around. She does not simply grab it off your fork, she’ll try and get it out of your stomach too ! She is obsessed with food, and that means that she has known starvation. Especially with a kitling to suckle, life must have been hell for her. But now it’s hell for the Simians in the House of Chaos, for we are not accustomed at having to fight for our food ! And she’s not merely begging, oh no ! She’s undulating all over the place: showing us with a certain pathetic desperation how adorable and lovable and -above all things, note, this is important- how starving she is. How deserving of a morsel, a tasty titbit, anything even remotely edible but most assuredly that utterly scrumptious and delectable stuff that happens to be lying on your dinner plate. Which you haven’t been touching these past 5 seconds so I gather you don’t want it ? (No Freya, I’ve been trying to fend off your rather persistent advances and still want to eat that, get off !! Scoot !! NO !! MINE !!)

The kitling is a dark-grey tabby-ish pluff-ball, and like all kittens quite energetic. It must have been born feral, which leads us to think that Freya is a cast-out by some cruel simians because she is not shy about people but he is. At first Isegrim would cringe whenever we would caress him, but after a few weeks he has come to love our touch and answers it with an enthusiastic purring. He’s a boy, that is clear, and thus a boy-name was called for. From his dam he inherited very faint tabby-markings, and we are wondering how they will develop in the coming months, but from other sources he has the most incredible grey coat you can find in the entire Cat-dom. Surely there must be Russian Blue, Blue British Shorthair or something similar in the ancestry, for the fur on his paws is of a lovely silvery-grey shade. The eyes are his dam’s, but that cute little nose of his is a gorgeous grey. No need to look far for a name then ! He is Isegrim, which means “Iron Helmet”, since iron is grey (when it is not rusted).

Isegrim is a typically feisty and rambunctious kitten. He’s growing faster than his shadow, and has a healthy fear of all things bigger than him – much to Bean Sidhe’s dismay. But with Hrimnir, who happens to be bulkier but not much taller than his dam, he can play all day long. And typical for a kitten: he plays, plays, plays, and then suddenly crashes down for a power-nap. The scratching post has seen better days. The House of Chaos has already been thoroughly investigated and every niche, nook and cranny explored. And Freya is growing weary of his persistent suckling now that almost-ever-full food bowls can be found anytime of the day. Slowly but surely Isegrim is discovering the joys of living with Simians.
Just as Mommy told him in her stories no doubt.

We don’t know to whom they belonged. Nobody has come ringing at our door for information, no posters have been pasted on lamp posts and walls in the street. They have been living with us for several weeks now, and are completely, totally and utterly accepted by the other Feline Denizens of the House of Chaos.
So that makes 6 again.

Picture below: Mother and Son.

Freya and son Isegrim

It’s Friday again and that means we must introduce our newest Housemates to our friends over at The Friday Ark, The Carnival of the Cats hosted by Cashim and Othello, Weekend Cat Blogging done by Cats in Maryland and The Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos taking place over at TBD‘s!

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2 Responses to “Sweet Invasion”

  1. Anne Says:

    Awww, a stray kitty story with such a happy ending! So good of you to take in the little critters.

  2. The Carnival of the Cats #238 is here | Kashim & Othello Says:

    […] presents Sweet Invasion posted at House of Chaos, saying, “Introducing our 2 new housemates Freya and […]

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