Wordless Wednesday



Fall at 3 Fountains in Vilvoorde


Isegrim showing off his raspy tongue

5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Babeth Says:

    Nature: Fall in all its splendour, over at the Domein 3 Fonteinen in Vilvoorde where I live. My favourite place for a nice soothing walk !

    Cats: Isegrim showing off his raspy equipment. Mind you, he is wont to sit on my lap (or lie in my bed) and give my hands the rough all-over. Grumpy Man is less fortunate: around him little Isegrim transforms into the fearsome toe-nibbler !! I tell you, the kitling has weird tastes…

  2. Pretty Life Online Says:

    Perfect one for wordless Happy WW! Hope you’ll visit mine too..

  3. Lagawan Says:

    what a beautiful scenery…. I would like to take a photo of that place too. so jealous hehehe…

    the cat is so cute 🙂

    Happy WW!!!!

  4. Monique Says:

    Very nice shot! I Like it!!!

  5. mavic Says:

    well you got nice collection of photos.. have you been in any country in Asia?.. come visit Koh Samui, i’ll be more than glad to tour you around .. 🙂

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