Remember remember the 1st of November

It’s All Hallows today, or rather the original Holiday… Samhain. The Mistress and Grumpy Man have celebrated Samhain the way any self-respecting kitty would do… we went to bed early. That glorious luxurious big Nest with the flannel sheets and the huge eiderdown with real feathers. We just snuggled down, with a few of our feline babies, and snuggled and read and snuggled and slept. No, we aren’t into Halloween. We are not really interested in commercially inflated festivities, and physically no longer able to do “haunted walkabouts” or “witch-mazes”. We don’t have children of the Simian kind who would need some guidance in trick-and-treating (besides, that is not really done here in Belgium), and in our street live only immigrants who are mostly Muslim and certainly not interested in either a Christian Holiday or a Heathen Holiday. No reason at all to celebrate Halloween.

But we do remember our beloved ones who have gone over The Rainbow Bridge. We do have fond memories of our furred friends and now is the time to remember… Now is the time to open up our memories and let them walk once more in front of our eyes…

Grumpy Man fondly remembers Sheba. A lovely tabby she was, and even in her old age of 16 quite capable to climb on a roof fast when a woofie she didn’t know visited her house.
That woofie was Critter, the first dog of The Mistress. Critter was a huge but extremely gently German Shepherd and lived to a nice 11,5 years. We sorely miss her enormous eternal appetite, her rather boisterous way of greeting people, and the endearing “wwrrrooof” she would greet us with.
Critter was the Best Friend Forever of Zorro, the Grumpy Cat. Zorro passed away two months ago. Despite the fact that he was not lovable at all we do miss him. The absence of his presence is felt, yet he is not really mourned by either his brother or the other Feline Denizens of the House of Chaos. After all, he was Trouble.
Grumpy Man also remembers Twiggy, who was his uncle’s dog. A feisty little mix she was, black with a bit of white, floppy ears… and a hell of an attitude.  Where she walked in other woofies would cower and hide away. Cats made a detour around their house. She wasn’t mean really, she was just… dominant.

And next we go back further in time and think of other furry companions who have graced our lives with their friendship and love but who are no longer here… we remember Misj Masj, although she didn’t stay long with us. We remember Rataplan Frankenstein The Mobile Disaster Area, Horsehunter, Master Barfer, Walking Cesspit And Bloody Awkward Nuisance On Paws who had an unfortunate and fatal encounter with Mister Electricity Outlet before his 3rd birthday. And then we come to Ragnar and Rabauw, who lived with The Mistress in her former house, The Moist Shambles. Likewise there have been Rhuarhir and Rhuarhuss – who was murdered by foul geese- and poor little Bar-Choc. These were the first feline companions of The Mistress when she left her parental homes.

The Strong Woman of Flanders has more furry friends to miss and fondly remember… the woofies Fenris, Spock, Imboua, Thor, Kaffer, Cora, Sandy, Wodanowitch… and the kitties Pinoccio, Poesie, Loup-Garou the First, and way way long way ago Monsieur Balthasar, and before them other dogs and cats I don’t remember the names from.

Each and every one of these 4-footers have enriched our lives, have given us the best of themselves, and have brought warmth to our homes. They have shown us that Simians and Felines and Canines can live together in peace and harmony, and that they can understand each other well enough to develop strong and lasting friendships. We sleep together, we eat together, we spend a lot of time together. And when their short lives have reached the end they teach us compassion, gentle care, and above all to have faith that one day we will all be reunited in that Big Playground in the Sky.

Picture below: Who could forget the indomitable Rataplan Frankenstein The Mobile Disaster Area, Horsehunter, Master Barfer, Walking Cesspit And Bloody Awkward Nuisance On Paws ?


And so we hail our remembered friends with a salute of horns…


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