Ze Vite Schtuff

It has been snowing real hard around the House of Chaos and of course the feline denizens stayed indoors as much as they could. Unfortunately for the youngest of them The Mistress wanted to record their reactions to the first introduction with copious amounts of that white cold stuff.

Little Frankendrolleke was unceremoniously picked up and thrown out into the Garden of Chaos with one hand, whilst the other would handle the All Seeing Eye and proceed to record some fascinating pictures for posterity. Frankendrolleke was not so fast on his feet as Bean Sidhe (of whose first introduction to snow we only have a picture of a rapidly retreating fluffy tail through the back door) and we had ample leisure to see how the tyke would tackle the white stuff.

His first reaction was shock. COLD ! Wet ! MAMA !
His second reaction was trying to find high ground from which he could oversee the problem and try to find a way to cope with it. A cart would do, were it not for the unhappy fact that the white cold wet stuff was everywhere – including on the cart. But from there Frankendrolleke would tentatively venture forth in search of drier and preferably more snow-less grounds, which he quickly found in the leeway of a garden tools box. No matter that a huge awning (soon to become Grumpy Man’s new den) was close at paw, he stubbornly stayed where he was and watched from the precarious safety of his leeway how the other feline denizens were handling this new and confusing situation.

For Isegrim too this was a new experience. Oh, yes, a year ago he had seen snow, but it was a light dusting, a half-hearted sprinkling of some haphazard flakes, not the white and cold onslaught we were experiencing now. We’re talking 10 to 15 centimeters of snow here, which for Belgium (Europe) is an Olympic amount of truly enormous proportions. At first our intrepid greycoat was filled with unbelieving wonder, and he would jump into the stuff and frolic and try to chase his dam and Hrimnir, and tumble with them in the snow and have some legendary fun. Then he calmed down a bit and settled for some grooming, ignoring the wetness and coldness of the stuff he was wallowing in. Happily and proudly sporting a glorious winterpelt he wouldn’t care less. And little Frankendrolleke, small, thick-bellied, sparsely furred…. just sat there, shivering, and wondering how in the name of Bastet that big brute could find this experience… fun.

The Mistress wonders whether Freya has had previous experience with snow in her unknown past, but our lithe grey-striped tigress seemed uncharacteristically frolicky and romped about with her offspring in a wanton display of energy-consumption we are not accustomed to. Of course, the spent calories were immediately replenished by a quick foray to the Bowls of Food. But clearly she too was in the spirit of the season and had massive fun. And it became a threesome when Hrimnir joined up to the fun and stared stalking both dam and offspring, tossing snow yonder and thither. Due to his own dam’s legacy ( a Norwegian Forest Cat she was) he had been perfectly outfitted for this kind of weather and has taken on the appearance of a veritable fluffy teddy-bear. Fortunately he has the disposition of one too, which suits the Cleaning Scourge just fine as she is wont to cuddle our Hrimmikins into oblivion.

Even Frankette, lured out by the strange white stuff and the enthusiastic romping of the others, tentatively joined into the fray and performed a stalk or two on Isegrim, the only feline denizen of the House (apart from the kitten) that she is not afraid of. But after two aborted tries -aborted because Isegrim spoilt it by looking at her when she was about to pounce, forcing her to feign indifference- she turned around and went in search of quieter environs.

Bean Sidhe considered the presence of snow a nuisance, clearly designed to spoil his magnificent pelt and forcing the lazy feline into extra grooming. He showed us all what he thought of the snow and promptly deposited his opinion for all to see right into the obnoxious stuff. Apparently the only good thing to be told about snow was that it came in very handy to cover up stuff, but boy is it cold !

Loup-Garou and Frankinneke declined to come out. The former because he needed some sleep, the latter because she does not want to be remembered to a life outdoors, thank you very much and can I have some Stinky Goodness now ?

Picture below: Frankendrolleke’s first steps in the snow, after having been thrown into the stuff…

Frankendrolleke in da snowwww

Of course the weekend is approaching and thus we will vist the Carnival of the Cats (hosted by When Cats Attack), Weekend Cat Blogging (hosted by Tabbylicious), the Bad Cats Festival of Chaos (once a month, hosted by TBD), the Cat Blogosphere, and the Friday Ark.

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3 Responses to “Ze Vite Schtuff”

  1. The Island Cats Says:

    All that snow looks really cold! We’d rather stay inside!!

  2. Samantha, Tok & Maverick Says:

    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

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