Bad Kittycats Festival of Chaos # 113

Hai, Oh Bad Kitties all over the world !

We, the Feline Denizens of the House of Chaos salute you and offer selected morsels of virtual tuna for your delight !

Ours is the honor to host the Festival this month and so we will set to our joyous task with happy determination. But before we can start revelling in the antics of assorted bad kitties we have one sad duty to perform, a duty which our Mistress felt unable to bear herself… she should have written about it two weeks ago, when it happened, but nooo… she was just too sad, and then too busy with her work, to do so, and thus…

*sniff* <solemn gathering of sad kitties>

We most heartbrokenly announce the untimely departure over the Rainbow Bridge of our youngest fellow denizen Frankendrolleke. One Saturday morning the simians leave us for some quality time with the Strong Woman of Flanders and depart with the memory of little Frankendrolleke blissfully snoring in the hammock, the next Sunday evening we await them with alarm written all over our furry faces and burdened with heavy hearts, for the simians to find our little brufer all stiff and unmoving under the couch. We can’t tell them when it happened, but Bouncing Psycho has visited us that same Saturday afternoon and he could confirm that Drolleke was still alive and well then.

We don’t know why it happened. We only know that one time he was fine and frolicky, the other time he wasn’t. We can’t understand. He has always been ill and sniffy, always in trouble with his health, but he had started growing recently, and playing, and finally got around to being a normal-looking kitty-baby…

*Sigh* It took us days to get used to his absence. Oh, how can we express ourselves, except with forlorn faces and many head-butts seeking reassurance from our simian friends ? Well… with the last piccie The Mistress has made of little Frankendrolleke still alive, and the one we will always remember him by:

last shot of Frankendrolleke

Sleep well little Brufer.

And slowly we get on with our lives, we start to play again, and to tease our simians, and to curl up on our preferred spots, and we host the Festival, which cheers us up a treat I can tell you !

So… without further ado… here are the bad kitties’ antics of the past month:

Meowza has his priorities straight… Easy Like Sunday Evening means you gotta nom !

Nom nom nom nom...

Nikita Cat too has the right set of priorities on a hot day, although a shady character sometimes she knows all about street cred:

Sizzlin' hot Slim Shady...

And she doesn’t mind her simian meeting and pointing the All-Seeing-Eye towards other kitties on the street, like this meow-counter:

Yo ! How's this pose ?

Samantha and Clementine didn’t have much to say, it being all cold and snowy despite being February already, but a piccie can tell you more than a thousand meows anyway…


Kosmo, denizen over at This, That & The Other Thing, has a great anti-dote against the cold weather… snuggles !!! And he’s so lovable, all simians comply.

Hmmm... snuggles...

Of course, snugglings don’t always work, and simians with hurts can cause blog delays. Which the gang over at This, That & The Other Thing knows all too well… But will a little simian illness deter them from their duty ? Noooo…

Kosmo knowz...

And finally we have Cokie the Cat, who has all kinds of interesting things to tell us, but we could find head nor tail so you’d better read it all !

Heavy lecture, whot ?

And this conludes this month’s edition of the Bad Kittycats Festival of Chaos. We hope you had an enjoyable time (despite our bad news) and that you will eagerly hop over to the next edition which will be hosted by Samantha Black and The Orange Kitty , all your submissions would be welcome before April 2nd and you can submit here.


from Loup-Garou, Bean Sidhe, Hrimnir, Frankette, Freya, Isegrim and Frankinneke.