Wordless Wednesday

VOTE for Hrimnir in The 3rd Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!




Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

16 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Babeth Says:

    Nature: a “hollow road” in the Park 3 Fonteinen, near my hometown. Hollow ways or roads are becoming rare in Belgium, but our town council has decided to keep some in and around the park intact for posterity. I like it how those branches kind of point you along the way. 😉

    Cats: meet Franky, one of the Neighbourhood of Chaos kittens. We gave him that name because he has such a frank demeanour. He wears a collar so he certainly belongs to someone. That didn’t keep him from entering the House of Chaos and making a beeline towards the food bowls though. Hrimnir wanted to play with him but he growled at our poor tyke and kept on stoking his inner furnace with gusto. Shy, he isn’t. Hungry, oh yes.

  2. jams o donnell Says:

    Great shots. I’d not seen a hollow road before. Franky is a handsome fellow! Happy WW

  3. And Miles To Go... Says:

    wow, stunning. That picture of the cat is awesome!!

  4. SandyCarlson Says:

    Lovely. I see the angle of the landscape matches the angle of the cloud lines behind the cat. Wonderful effect. Happy WW!

  5. comedyplus Says:

    Beautiful park and I love the cat. He just out doing what cats do best. Have a great WW. 🙂

  6. WorksForMom Says:

    Wow, fantastic shots! Love that curious cat! =^..^=

  7. ONwebCHECK Says:

    very nice -happy WW

  8. Nancy Brown Says:

    What a great Photo.. I love nature.. Not sure about loving cats but you did a great job with the photo.

    Come visit… Prematurity awareness all over!!


  9. Yen Says:

    Such beautiful photos as usual!!! Love the kitty:) Happy WW~

  10. Sherrie Says:

    The cat shot is beautiful!!!!

  11. Pips Says:

    I like this cat. Great shot. Happy WW. Have a nice day. 🙂

  12. Nat Says:

    Purdy. Happy ww.

  13. katskrackerbox Says:

    Is the cat on the roof? He looks so BIG!! Great pictures!

  14. Andrea Says:

    Great pictures! Kitty is cute! Happy WW

  15. Babeth Says:

    The kitty is on a fence, barely a meter from me away but the camera has a zoom.

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